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Gallium Phosphide (GaP) Wafers

Please see below for just some of our GaP Wafers.


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GaP Wafer, undoped (100) 10x10x0.5 mm, 1sp

Sale Price: Clearance!$119


GaP Wafer, undoped (100) 10x10x0.5 mm, 2sp

Sale Price: Clearance !! $129


GaP Wafer, undoped (100) 10x5x0.5 mm, 1sp

Sale Price: Clearance! $79


GaP Wafer undoped (100) 3"x0.3 2sp

Sale Price: USD$896.00


GaP wafer, Zn doped, P type, (100), 10x10x 0.35 mm, 2sp, carrier concentration: (1.3) E 18/cm^3

Sale Price: USD$99.00


GaP wafer, Zn doped, P type, (100), 5x5 x 0.35 mm, 2sp, R: 7.9x10^-2 ohm-cm

Sale Price: USD$55.00


GaP Wafer, undoped (110) 10x10x0.45 mm, 1sp

Sale Price: USD$89.00


GaP Wafer undoped (110) 2"x0.4mm, 2sp

Sale Price: USD$495.00


GaP Wafer, Undoped (111) 10x10x0.35 mm, 2sp

Sale Price: USD$49.95


GaP wafer, S doped, (111) orientation, 2" dia x 0.5mm, 1sp

Sale Price: USD$319.00